What to expect when you’re having a baby during a pandemic


DALLAS, TEXAS (KDAF) — Much of the focus on the medical system has been around treating people infected by COVID-19, but what if you just need a check-up or it’s something monumental like having a baby?

When going to the doctor are there precautions we should take, especially pregnant women?

Dr. Jessica Shepherd, an OBGYN at Baylor Dallas and a women’s health expert says that while the precautions may differ from the pre-COVID-19 world, women should take them seriously and expect a different experience than what they may have imagined.

One such adjustment would be to prepare to come to your OBGYN appointment alone or have your spouse wait in the car. This is primarily due to keep the amount of people in the office to a minimum for the safety of others.

For the delivery, most hospitals are just allowing the spouse to come in. However, hospitals in epicenters of the disease are not allowing anyone into the labor room

Even if just a spouse is allowed in, these precautions change the emotional aspect of having a baby during the pandemic and places a lot more emotional responsibility on the OBGYN, says Dr. Shepherd.

Whether it’s the birth of a child or death of a loved one, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the experience for everyone. Dr. Shepherd says this has really put the focus on the human spirit, especially when you see instances of people forgoing time with a loved one so medical professionals and first responders can utilize their protective equipment.

She says “In these times you really do see the human connection and how we allow ourselves to remove all of these titles, and those judgments and just come together and get through this together.”

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