DALLAS (KDAF) — The rain will be around town this weekend, but mainly on just Saturday for those looking to get some holiday activities in during this December weekend in North Texas.

To kick things off for the middle of the week will be some occasional light rain on Wednesday around the region. The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth reports some rain will drop around the northern portion of the region with the southern portion remaining mainly dry.

“Light rain will continue off-and-on through the day across North Texas while parts of Central Texas remain dry. A couple rumbles of thunder are possible. There will be a sharp temperature contrast with highs in the low 60s in North Texas and upper 70s in Central Texas,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

Now for a look at the weekend forecast, and one word is good to describe it, rainy. It will be a rainy weekend with some rain carrying over from Thursday to Friday but it will end early.

Saturday will see the most rain over the weekend with widespread rain and isolated thunderstorms expected; Sunday will be more like Friday with rain carrying over but ending early.

“A cold front will arrive late Thursday, bringing with it showers and isolated storms. The rain will end early Friday. Although some cooler air will filter into North Texas, unseasonably mild weather will prevail across Central Texas. After a brief break from rain chances on Friday, rain and isolated storms will return on Saturday. This round of precipitation will end Sunday morning, after which there will be some partial clearing,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas