DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s going to be cold outside, there’s no doubt about that as the National Weather Service center in Fort Worth reports dangerous wind chills alongside a cold front will be present on Thursday and Friday in North Texas.

The weather center says it will be dangerously cold Thursday and Friday in the region as an arctic blast could be vulnerable populations at risk. Conditions will be life-threatening for unsheltered or marginally sheltered populations.

“Frigid temperatures and strong winds will allow for dangerously cold wind chills as low as -15 degrees to be possible. These wind chills could result in hypothermia if precautions are not taken.

“Make sure to avoid extended time outdoors if possible, and if you have to brave the cold, then dress in warm, lightweight layers and cover exposed skin. Bring in pets and any sensitive outdoor plants (if possible), and to cover outdoor pipes and faucets,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

A strong cold front will be blasting through the region Thursday morning and it will be leaving behind strong, gusty winds and sharply dropping temps.

“A strong cold front will blast through the region this morning, leaving behind strong, gusty winds and sharply dropping temperatures. The front should exit the region around noon. With these wind speeds, make sure to secure any outdoor items and Christmas decorations,” NWS Fort Worth said.

Here’s what you can expect:

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas