DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’ve been in North Texas for a while, you may recognize the name Abel Gonzales.

He’s made several television appearances including A&E’s Deep Fried Dynasty and the Kelly Clarkson show, impressing fair attendees and celebrities with his deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

But did you know this celebrity chef has his own restaurant in Dallas? That’s right; it’s called Texican. Located at 7101 Harry Hines Blvd., this restaurant offers signature dishes from Gonzales’ brilliant culinary mind, including breakfast, donuts and burgers.

If that all sounds tasty to you, they are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. To learn more about them, visit agtexican.com.

Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams took a trip to Texican and has more!