DALLAS (KDAF) — If you are active on Twitter or TikTok, you probably know the iconic phrase, “What the **** is up Denny’s?”

For those unfamiliar with the viral video, a quick five-second video has taken the internet by storm, showing what is a hardcore show taking place inside a Denny’s where the lead singer shouts “What the **** is up Denny’s”.

The video, which has been shared hundreds of times and liked by millions is actually a snippet of a more than four-minute-long video on YouTube titled “The Dennys Grand Slam”, posted by the band itself Live Without. The video sits at more than 2.7 million views.

But did you know this iconic internet meme spawned from Texas? Thanks to a deep dive from the YouTube channel wavywebsurf, and an interview he had with the band, we have a better understanding of the origins of this viral meme.

For an in-depth investigative look into this phenomenon, we recommend you check out his full video. It is incredibly informative and the presentation is perfectly executed.

Here are a few facts we learned from his video:

Who is the band in the video?

Live Without is a hardcore band that hails from the land of Houston. Judging from their album releases on Bandcamp and Spotify, the earliest recorded date they released music was back in 2013 with the release of their album Liars Reign.

Band members consist of:

  • Matt – guitar
  • Zain – drums
  • Kris – vocals
  • Aaron – bass

How did they manage to play a show at Denny’s?

According to their interview with wavywebsurf, they were eating at a Houston Denny’s one day when they overheard employees say the location was going out of business.

Upon hearing that, they immediately asked management in person if they could play a show there, to which staff agreed.

The band played later when the location was no longer in operation and the store owner even allowed them to play for free. Band members say they earned a little more than $100 which they offered as compensation to the owner for allowing them to play.

How did the post go viral?

Shortly after performing, Live Without posted a more than four-minute video to YouTube, with footage from the show.

Band members said in the interview that for a while, the signature catchphrase “What the **** is up Denny’s?” was just an inside joke told amongst themselves and friends within the scene.

However, after a short clip from “The Dennys Grand Slam” made its way to Twitter, that’s when the video went viral. For more information, visit wavywebsurf.