DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s never a bad thing to learn about a sport that you have never heard about before. And, that is exactly what we are doing today.

This sport is not a new sport actually, it’s not a new sport but new to many of us. It’s called carriage driving.

We wanted to learn more about this equestrian sport so we talked to Laurel Ridge Stables in Rowlett. Laurel Ridge Stables is a horse riding school and the perfect place to get our lesson in carriage driving.

So, what is carriage driving? It is a competitive driving sport where horses pull you in a carriage. Have you ever been on a horse carriage ride? Well think that but more competitive.

“I think people do not realize that this is a sport that they can participate here in right here in North Texas. You think of carriage driving, you think of a Central Park carriage ride, but not like the sporty, fun carriage driving that we get to do in the Saddlebred world,” Katie-Rose Watson, equestrian and friend of CW33, said.

And if you wanted any more reasons to be interested in this sport, carriage driving is a sport that you can do in a ballgown. That’s right, you can compete with style with carriage driving.

Inside DFW host Jenny Anchondo got a lesson in carriage driving. Watch that by looking at the video player above.

For more information about Laurel Ridge Stables, click here.