Credit: CW

DALLAS (KDAF) — Have you ever wondered on a random Friday afternoon what your favorite Friends TV Show Character would be as a Dallas neighborhood?

Well, we did!

With AI being a trending topic in today’s society, we decided to give it a try to get an unbiased opinion. Artificial Intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT determined which Dallas neighborhoods best matched the characters of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe!

“Please note that this interpretation is purely fictional and based on the characters’ personalities and traits. It is not based on any official information or association between the characters and specific Dallas neighborhoods,” the AI bot warns.

Here is what each Friends character would be if they were a Dallas neighborhood according to our friendly AI bot:

Rachel Green – Uptown

“Uptown is a trendy neighborhood with upscale shops and a vibrant nightlife scene, reflecting Rachel’s fashionable and stylish personality,” the bot said.

Phoebe BuffayBishop Arts District

This one was a no-brainer! Chat GPT described Phoebe as being the Bishop Arts District. “The Bishop Arts District is a vibrant and artistic neighborhood with a unique charm, mirroring Phoebe’s free-spirited and eccentric personality and her passion for music,” the bot said.

Ross Geller University Park

“University Park is a residential neighborhood near Southern Methodist University (SMU), representing Ross’s academic background as a paleontologist and his intellectual nature,” according to Chat GPT.

Monica GellerPreston Hallow

Chat GPT said: “Preston Hollow is an exclusive and affluent neighborhood with gated estates, reflecting Monica’s organized and meticulous personality and her desire for a luxurious lifestyle.”

Chandler BingDeep Ellum

Deep Ellum is an artistic and eclectic neighborhood known for its music venues and vibrant street art, aligning with Chandler’s witty and sarcastic sense of humor.

Joey TribbianiOak Lawn

“Oak Lawn is a lively and diverse neighborhood with a thriving entertainment and dining scene, reflecting Joey’s love for food, entertainment, and his outgoing nature.”


Monica and Ross’s parents, Jack and Judy GellerHighland Park

The Chatbot even gave us a bonus, by including other cast members too. “Highland Park is an affluent neighborhood known for its grandeur and wealth, reflecting Jack and Judy’s well-to-do and somewhat snobbish personalities,” it said.


Chat GPT said, “Knox-Henderson is a trendy and vibrant neighborhood with a mix of shops, bars, and restaurants, symbolizing Gunther’s devotion to Central Perk and his role as the coffee shop’s manager.”

What did you think? Was the AI accurate in its assessment of each character?