DALLAS (KDAF) —From Dallasonian to Dallasite to now… Dallasian? I guess it’s true what they say — everything is bigger in Dallas, including the number of names for its citizens!

What do you call Dallas people like you would New Yorkers, Houstonians, or Californians?

What is Dallas’ official Demonym? What the heck is a demonym? It’s just a way a group of people refers to themselves based on their country, state, city, etc.

Popular Science, said “The proper demonym for Dallas is Dallasite. However, those that live here also prefer, “Dallasite, Dallasonian, Dallas Native.” They also offer some good advice for anyone traveling or getting to know an area or its people.

It’s simple. It’s important to remember that demonyms don’t always follow grammatical and linguistic rules. To avoid offending anyone, just ask what they want to be called.