DALLAS (KDAF) — The Aledo Bearcats clinched victory over the Justin Northwest Texans this Thursday, Sept. 8, ending the game with a 49-20 lead.

Sideline reporter Chris Mycoskie got a chance to do a post-game interview with Aledo ISD head coach Tim Buchanan. Here is what they talked about.

Coach, obviously you played great competition in those first two weeks, but to get win #1 has to feel like it’s getting the monkey off your back?

“Well, I’ve changed everything. I’ve changed my socks, my pants, my shirt, everything I could change. It is good to get a win. I was starting to get a little worried.”

This is now 104 consecutive district wins. How do you bring that into perspective? That is just absolutely unfathomable.

“It goes way back to 2007. I think we got three kids who were born that year playing on this football team right now. It’s to really even think about and put into words what this program has done over the last 15-16 years. Really 30 years. It’s been really good.”

Really over these first three weeks, you’ve really figured out who you are as a football team. I imagine you like what you see now.

“Well, it’s a work in progress. We’re finding out more and more about our team. We’ve got a lot of young kids playing and we’ll get better as the year goes on. We’re going to have to if we want to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves.”

Watch the video player above for the full interview with Coach Buchanan.