DALLAS (KDAF) — On Tuesday, Dec. 6, Dallas Zoo officials released the official name and gender of its newest baby hippo.

The baby hippo is a girl and her name is Kalo. Zoo officials were excited as they say it was the first time Kalo saw guests in her space.

“She’s only in week two of exploring and it’s been really cool to see her grow and be fearless. She’s a really curious little calf. She’s exploring the pool and taking naps out on the beach with mom. It’s been really cool to see her growing and exploring and more aware of the world,” Harrison Edell, Dallas Zoo’s executive vice president for animal care and conservation, said.

Officials say Kalo was born on Oct. 30 to Boipelo. Boipelo and Kalo spent the past few weeks exploring the Simmons Hippo Outpost for their first public appearance. Officials adds that Kalo’s mother, like all mothers, is very protective of her baby calf.

Watch the video player above to see Kalo and her mother interacting in their space.