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DALLAS (KDAF) — “If you see this bottle while you’re out and about BUY IT!” said one TikToker as she talked about a viral seasonal wine that’s making rounds.

Originally from a Michigan winery, Witches Brew Spiced Red by LeeLanau Cellars has gone viral on social media. Being coined, “the best spice wine for the season”. According to the winery, the mulled wine is described as, “America’s favorite spiced mulled wine. Mulled and layered, an aromatic celebration of traditional Autumn spices. Try our distinctive red blend warmed or devilishly hot.”

Yes, you read that correctly! The wine can be enjoyed warmed up, hence the word “brew” in the name.

The winery also has other brews available if you aren’t a red wine drinker. Their Witches Brew Spiced Apple and Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice, are two new brews added to their collection.

According to popular Instagramer, Natasher Fischer, who is known for her Trader Joe’s finds, the wine is now available at Trader Joe’s for $7.99. “🚨NEW🚨WITCHES BREW • $7.99 • love mulled wine? #traderjoes made it super easy to enjoy it with their Witches Brew,” the post read.

Will you be trying this seasonal wine?