DALLAS (KDAF) — A newly released children’s movie has sparked a cultural movement with Gen-Z’ers, in which young adult men show up to watch Minions: The Rise of Gru dressed in suits.

Much like the way Morbius gained social media stardom, it looks like this trend spawned out of ironic enjoyment for the film. However, where Morbius failed to turn that social media fame into box office sales, Minions excelled.

In the film’s opening weekend, the movie grossed more than $125 million domestically, which is a difficult feat. North Texans got in on this trend and went viral over the past weekend.

TikTok videos show dozens of young-adult men showing up to an AMC theater at North Park Mall all dressed in suit jackets and business casual clothing. Video also indicated there was a police presence at the mall.

Across the nation, reports say that people who participate in this trend will be restricted from entering the theater after videos show people hurling bananas at theater screens and incessantly cheering throughout the movie.