DALLAS (KDAF) — The trick-or-treating season is upon us as 2022’s Halloween holiday looms closer and closer and while you’re mapping out your October 31 plans, you might just need to know where to go.

Every kid that’s gone door-to-door looking for candy knows the good spots to stop for full candy bars and whatnot, and adults have their game plans to make their Halloween a good and safe time. SmartAsset has released a report on 2022’s best places to celebrate Halloween.

“However, while prices may be high across the country, some places are better than others for celebrating Halloween when you consider factors such as family friendliness, safety, weather and festiveness. In this study, we determined the best cities to celebrate Halloween in 2022 by comparing 146 cities across 10 metrics,” the report says.

Only one Texas city cracked the top 10 list and that was Brownsville coming in at No. 9; of course, other cities within the Lone Star State also made the list:

  • Brownsville, 9
  • Frisco, 23
  • Laredo, 25
  • McKinney, 31

They ranked these cities based on family-friendliness, safety, Halloween weather, and Halloween festiveness. Don’t forget the candy bucket!