DALLAS (KDAF) — We’re all for big announcements from the Dallas Zoo, especially when it has to do with new baby animals joining the great big family they have over there.

This announcement from the zoo involves a new baby giraffe joining their herd last week. They say the new giraffe is the offspring of Katie and Tebogo. The healthy female calf was welcomed into the world on October 13.

The calf was just over 135 pounds and is around five feet tall according to the zoo’s exam it gave on Friday.

“She is very attached to mom and follows Katie around everywhere! The little one stayed behind the scenes this weekend, spending time with mom, along with Chrystal and Kendi.

“But she is starting to venture out into the giraffe feed yard as of yesterday! Guests may catch a glimpse of her intermittently, but we don’t have a set schedule for when she’ll be out – we’ll let her and Katie’s comfort level dictate that,” the zoo explains.