DALLAS (KDAF) — Fourth of July is this weekend and we’re sure that you have tons of exciting plans to celebrate, like food, drinks and of course fireworks.

That all may seem like fun to you; however, for many dogs, fireworks are scary and dangerous. So, in the effort of safety. Operation Kindness has released a list of some Fourth of July pet safety tips.

Fireworks cause pets a lot of anxiety, and when a pet is scared they react with their instincts, which includes running away, digging in the yard or (in severe cases) breaking through windows.

To make sure your forever friend is safe while fireworks are going off make sure to:

  • Microchip your pet and make sure your pet has proper identification and is wearing a collar with tags.
  • Secure your pet in a safe and quiet place, like a kennel or bathroom. This will also help prevent your pet from darting outside should visitors come to your house. 
  • Turn on your TV or some music to distract from the firework noise. Getting your pet toys and treats to chew on can also be a great distraction. 
  • Leave your pet at home! The noises and excitement of firework display events can cause your pet to panic and get separated from you. They’ll be more comfortable at home!  
  • Be patient with your pet; remember this can be a scary time for them. For severe cases, talk to your veterinarian about medication options.

In the event that your pets do get lost, Operation Kindness officials say to contact your local animal shelters immediately.