DESOTO, Tx (KDAF) — North Texas is experiencing extreme heat, dry conditions and droughts, with many cities enforcing burn bans to prevent grassfires.

But there still is more than can be done to prevent a catastrophe. The City of DeSoto is running a campaign on social media to help educate the public about how they can prevent grassfires.

Here are some tips from DeSoto Fire Chief Bryan Southard for how you can prevent a grass fire:

  • Keep lawns cut short and bushes trimmed back.
  • Safely dispose of yard waste so it doesn’t fuel a fire.
  • Be extremely careful when cooking outdoors.
  • Smokers should be careful when smoking outside or when discarding used smoking materials.
  • Any open flame or smoldering material such as a cigarette butt or charcoal ember is enough to start a grass fire. 
  • Keep a water hose connected and ready in case a fire breaks out. This can help extinguish it or buy time until the Fire Department arrives.
  • If you should spot a grass fire, don’t assume that the Fire Department knows about it. Be safe and certain. Call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

Chief Southard is also reminding North Texans that we won’t be in a drought forever and that by working together we can get through it safely.