The video above is from a previous segment.

DALLAS (KDAF) — A viral video popped up on my timeline this morning that will forever prove to me the love Texas has for its sports… especially its football!

Once you’re a fan of Texas sports teams and you adapt their seriousness when it comes to all things sports — or just football in general, then you know they will ride for their teams no matter what. Even their animals!

An ‘oldie but a goodie’ example is the viral Longhorn video with a University of Oklahoma fan and a Longhorn bull. It sounds like an opening for a joke with a cheesy punchline but the video will probably stand the test of time. Forever being funny!

It was posted earlier in November. A month after the university won against the University of Texas during its annual Red River Rivalry. Ten days later into the month of November and the video is still hilarious.

In the video you see, now former UO student, Kylee Osburn with a Longhorn bull. In the video, Osburn is seen posing with the bull with the infamous upside-down horns. The bull playfully tapped her on her shoulder, as a reminder, “Don’t mess with Texas.”

The tweet has since gone viral with over 2.4M views. Proving to many sports fans, you never know which “Texan” takes their sports seriously, so you might as well assume it’s the whole state. Including its animals!