DALLAS(KDAF)—It’s important to appreciate the beauty that lies within all cities and to remember that even the less-than-desirable attractions have their own unique charm.

On a travel site called Upgraded Points, they listed the dirtiest attractions in every state. The list is based on Tripadvisor reviews that include the word ‘dirty’.

As far as Texas is concerned, San Antonio’s River Walk has been recognized as one of the dirtiest attractions in the state. But, if you’re looking for a real challenge, try walking the boardwalk without getting a Margarita.

Upgraded points said “We analyzed over 4.5 million Tripadvisor reviews across the U.S. to determine the dirtiest vacation spots. We focused on 2 types of locations: tourist attractions and hotels. For tourist attractions, we analyzed the most popular attractions in each state, according to Tripadvisor star ratings. For hotels, we analyzed the best-value hotels in every state, according to Tripadvisor lists”.