An earlier version of this story said “Austin has made the top 10 list of the healthiest cities in Texas” when it should have said, “in the nation”. This correction has been made.

DALLAS (KDAF) — A new WalletHub study has ranked the healthiest (and unhealthiest) cities across the nation and Texas is getting some national recognition.

Austin has made the top 10 list of the healthiest cities in the nation, coming in at 7th place! Texas also got some recognition for the affordability of healthcare.

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According to the study, Laredo has the lowest cost per doctor’s visit in the nation ($56 per visit), which, experts say, is almost 4 times less expensive than the city with the highest cost per doctor’s visit. That honor goes to Juneau, Alaska, with an average cost of $219 per visit.

Officials say they compared more than 180 of the most populated cities in America across 53 different key metrics for good health.

Here are all the cities that made the top 10 list of healthiest cities in America:

Overall RankCityTotal ScoreHealth CareFoodFitnessGreen Space
1San Francisco, CA68.54331521
2Seattle, WA66.086869
3San Diego, CA64.94404197
4Portland, OR64.69323385
5Salt Lake City, UT64.16381434
6Honolulu, HI62.145111673
7Austin, TX60.3527122925
8Denver, CO60.2628161722
9South Burlington, VT60.093109071
10Washington D.C.59.7516712013
Source: WalletHub

For the full report, visit WalletHub.