DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re into gardening you might be known in your family or friend group for having a green thumb… but what if you told them that you take extra pleasure in gardening in the nude?

Well, if you’re looking for somewhere to do your thing and garden naked, LawnStarter has put together a list of the Best Cities in the U.S. for Naked Gardening in 2022. How exactly did they come up with their list you may be wondering, “We compared 100 of the biggest U.S. cities based on nudist population size, legality of public nudity and toplessness, and gardener-friendliness. We also looked at weather conditions and safety.”

It may come to your surprise or lack thereof surprise that the city of Austin, Texas has notched the top spot on their list with Dallas (No. 16) and Houston (No. 19) not too far off. That’s right, if you’re looking to enjoy your garden, baring your green thumb and more, Austin seems like the place for you.

“‘Keep Austin weird,’ they say. Well, we’re happy to oblige: Austin strips Miami (No. 1 in 2021) of its title as “LawnStarter Naked Gardening Capital” this year.”

Here’s a look at the Texas cities that made the list:

  • No. 1 Austin
  • No. 16 Dallas
  • No. 19 Houston
  • No. 37 Fort Worth
  • No. 43 El Paso
  • No. 50 Corpus Christi
  • No. 52 San Antonio
  • No. 63 Lubbock
  • No. 67 Laredo
  • No. 70 Plano
  • No. 77 Irving
  • No. 78 Arlington
  • No. 85 Garland

LawnStarter’s top ten includes: Austin, Orlando, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Tampa, Miami, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Seattle and Durham. Did you also know that Dallas and Fort Worth are tied at the No. 4 spot for google search interest in “nudist” and “world naked gardening day” over the past 12 months?