DALLAS (KDAF) — During the summer months there may not be a better go-to sweet treat than ice cream and yes we’re screaming for it just as much as you are because well, we love it and it’s hot outside.

As the heat of summer continues folks are getting out and about grabbing a scoop, cone, milkshake, or whatever medium you enjoy your ice cream at the most. Of course, it’s always easy to go to your go-to spot for ice cream but sometimes you want Google to tell you the best spot to go to.

Well, Google Maps has released its list of the top chains in the U.S. by search and Texas, along with Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas share a favorite chain for ice cream. You guessed it, Braum’s Ice Cream.

Quick map of the U.S.’s ice cream picks and the chains represented across the country:

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Google Trends said, “We all scream for ice cream, but which chain reigns supreme in @googlemaps Search? In honor of yesterday’s #NationalIceCreamDay, we took a look at the top searched ice cream chain by state. Which is your favorite?”