DALLAS (KDAF) — Let’s have a conversation about dessert, shall we? You have your classics, vanilla ice cream, cherry pie, cake, etc. But, if we’re being real, there’s one option that I think we can all agree is a strong contender for the best, the chocolate chip cookie.

Super simple to make, relatively inexpensive and incredibly versatile. It’s pretty hard to screw up the formula and it’s very easy to improve upon.

So, in the spirit of appreciation, we are taking a look at the best place to get this delicious treat in Texas. Yelp has released a report, looking at the best chocolate chip cookie in every state in the year 2022.

Which place do they say serves up the best chocolate chip cookie in Texas? They say the best place to get a chocolate chip cookie in the Lone Star State is in Austin, at Teddy V Patisserie.

Lucky for us in the DFW metroplex you can find Teddy V Patisserie cookie dough in North Texas. According to their website, their cookie dough can be found in the Frozen Desserts sections at all Central Market locations across Texas.

To learn more about them, visit their website teddyvcookies.com.