DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re all about the finances and have a good grasp on what your future plans will be, you might be building up your retirement money/plan. For some, the name of the game is early retirement, that game could be played in this North Texas which ranks among the top 25 best cities for early retirement according to a new study.

Smartasset did a study to determine the best places in the U.S. for early retirement, “In this study, we determined the best places for an early retirement, comparing the 100 largest cities across four categories. They include tax friendliness, elderly care, affordability and livability.”

At the fifth spot on the list, sits Plano, Texas. Smartasset says, “Across the cities we considered, the most affordable Texas city for an early retirement is Plano. This city places in the top 30 across all four categories in this analysis: 16th-best in the tax friendliness category, 27th-best for both affordability and livability and 30th-best for elderly care.

“Plano also has the best effective income tax for retirees (16.24%) and there is no state capital gains tax in Texas. Additionally, it ranks second for housing costs relative to income (19.26%), fifth for violent crime rate (155 per 100,00 residents) and ninth for the number of medical facilities per capita (almost four per 1,000 residents).”


El Paso was also listed among the top 25 at the No. 17 spot. It has a tax friendliness of 59.48, elderly care at 4.57, affordability of 91.21 and livability of 76.75. For more of Smartasset’s findings and tips for succeeding in early retirement, click here.