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DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s summertime and the pool is probably your best friend from May to August and for good reason.

Swimming is fun, it cools you off and it’s a great form of exercise. In a show of appreciation for pools and how much they are loved, StorageCafe recently did a study looking at the top cities for pool lovers in the country.

As Texans, we always ask, “What about Texas?” and this study found that Plano is the best city in Texas for pool lovers and was the 8th most-pool-friendly city in the country.

Officials say the reasons Plano ranked so high was because:

  • Nearly all apartments in Plano ensure that their residents can have a relaxing daily swim
  • A third of homes and condos for sale include pools among the amenities they provide
  • Plano offers three public pools per 100,000 residents

Other Texas cities also got some love from this study. Two other Texas cities made the top 20 list of the best cities for pool lovers: Austin (13th) and Irving (17th).

For the full report, visit StorageCafe.