DALLAS (KDAF) — Whenever you think of one the best desserts in America, your mind goes to ice cream and maybe more specifically the ridiculously delicious milkshake which so happens to combine ice cream and a little extra of its base, milk.

Remember, calories don’t count during the holiday season, so no guilt needs to be had when considering getting a delicious milkshake. But where can you find the best in the state of Texas, and other states in the country?

We checked out a report from Love Food on the best milkshakes in every US state, “Milkshakes are about as American as apple pie, and every state has their own mouth-watering options. Read on for our pick of the best of them, from towering freakshakes heavy with toppings to deliciously understated chocolate and vanilla options.”

For the state of Texas, you’ll have to head to College Station or a couple of spots near Houston to get the best milkshakes the Lone Star State has to offer at Chill Milkshakes & Waffle Bar.

“With locations in Spring, Magnolia, and College Station, this popular shake bar delivers the goods, and was awarded the title of Best Milkshake in Texas by USA Today. Fan favorites range from Cookie Monster, with cookies, cream, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and an Oreo on top, to Birthday Cake, with cake-flavored ice cream, chocolate icing, chocolate cake chunks, and sprinkles. The shakes are delicious and filling,” the report said.

Be sure to check out where you can find the best shakes from other states in the US.