DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone knows that having a cinnamon roll is one of the best experiences you’ve had all week long and can even become an out-of-body experience depending on the quality.

Speaking of quality, even the worst cinnamon rolls are pretty dang tasty, but what about the best cinnamon rolls? A report from Eat This, Not That! checked out the best cinnamon roll that each state has to offer and where exactly you find them.

The report goes into great description of what one could expect when eating a cinnamon roll, “Filled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a glaze or cream cheese frosting, the cinnamon roll gets its own day on October 4, but we all know it’s one of those treats that should be enjoyed year-round.” Sorry, we’re now hungry for one too after reading that.

For the Lone Star State, you’ll have to travel to a suburb of Houston called Sugar Land, quite a coincidence, as it is home to Cinnamon’s Bakery. This bakery even claims to be the home of the original cinnamon roll!

“Reviewers use a lot of superlatives when describing the cinnamon rolls at Cinnamon’s Bakery in Sugar Land, Texas. “Just the very best cinnamon rolls on the planet,” one Google reviewer proclaims. The bakery, which opened in 1988, specializes in cinnamon rolls as well as cinnamon strudels, pecan sticky buns, muffins, and sausage kolache,” the report said.