DALLAS (KDAF) — Do you own something that some people consider “nerdy”? What is that one thing?

If you’re a Texan it is probably a piece of wall art, according to a new report from LombardoHomes.com. The website looked at all things nerdy in the nation, including which states are the nerdiest and the most popular “nerdy” decoration by state.

As stated earlier, the report says the most “nerdy” decoration in Texas is wall art. Other items include furniture, collector’s items and holiday decorations. The report also said the most Googled “nerdy” decoration in Texas was “Wallpaper Star Wars”.

Despite having some nerdy wall art, Texas did not even make the top 10 “nerdiest” states in the nation. Those honors go to

  1. Nebraska
  2. New Mexico
  3. Nevada
  4. Utah
  5. Kansas
  6. Arkansas
  7. Iowa
  8. Mississippi
  9. Connecticut
  10. Oregon
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Kentucky
  13. Colorado
  14. Alabama
  15. Louisiana
  16. South Carolina
  17. Minnesota
  18. Wisconsin
  19. Maryland
  20. Arizona