DALLAS (KDAF) — This is the question every Texan has an opinion on, what is the best fast food burger?

There are many contenders but there can only be one, so let’s talk about which one is the best.

A report commissioned by The Loupe has done the hard work, surveying more than 2,000 people across the country and using Google Trends data to determine what the most popular fast food burger in each state is.

According to the report, the most popular fast food restaurant in Texas is none other than Whataburger (shocker). But what actually may be surprising is that Texas’ favorite burger isn’t the burger from Whataburger rather it’s the patty melt from Whataburger. Honestly, that is my favorite thing from Whataburger. It’s sooo good.

The most popular fast food restaurant in the nation though is Five Guys, with it being the most popular restaurant in 29 different states. The very distant second place goes to In-N-Out.

Regionally, the most popular fast food restaurant in the South is Five Guys as well and the most popular burger in the South is the Big Hardee.

For the full report, visit The Loupe.