DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone needs a good cup of Joe to get their day started in this day and age as coffee has taken the world by storm for working Americans, but what is the most popular drink in the US?

It’s time to really get in the coffee-drinking mood as Wednesday, January 18 is National Gourmet Coffee Day! “From ice creams to cakes, coffee is now used for way more than just beverages. Unleash your inner masterchef and try to create an innovative recipe using gourmet coffee,” National Today said.

So, we checked out a report from Taste of Home on the most popular coffee drinks in every state across the country, “We are a nation that needs its coffee, consuming over 3 billion pounds of java per year. But how we take our daily cup of joe, from strong and black to sweet and milky, varies widely across the United States.”

The top pick for Texas also happens to be the top pick for the majority of the US as 28 states prefer iced coffee to black coffee, cappuccinos, cold brew, decaf and lattes.

We also checked out the best spots for iced coffee around Dallas for your caffeinated pleasure:

  • Hola Cafe Dallas – Oak Cliff
  • Tom N Toms Coffee
  • Window Seat Coffee – Lower Greenville
  • Sip Stir Coffee House – Uptown
  • Leche De Cafe – East Dallas
  • White Rock Coffee Express – Lakewood
  • Summer Moon Coffee – North Dallas
  • Cultivar Coffee Roasting
  • White Rhino Coffee – Oak Cliff
  • Dutch Bros Coffee