DALLAS (KDAF) — Chili is awesome. Whether you like it with beans or without beans, your preferred method of making and consuming this delicious treat is wholly valid.

In the spirit of appreciation for this tasty treat, LoveFood.com wanted to see where you can find the best bowl of chili in each state.

“From down-home barbecue joints to cute plant-based cafés, restaurants across the States serve wonderfully warming bowls of chili. You’ll find spicy Southwestern-style offerings packed with green chiles and Texan classics that are all beef and no beans,” as their report states.

What comes next may unite Texans or divide us. However, we must know. So, where can you find the best bowl of chili in the Lone Star state? According to the survey, they honor goes to Texas Chili Parlor in Austin.

“Why this specific spot,” you might ask. Here’s what they had to say:

“The meat-loving Lone Star State is well known for its chili, which is traditionally served with plenty of beef and no beans. The version at Texas Chili Parlor in Austin follows tradition with mouthwatering results. Diners say it’s nice and spicy, and that it’s filled with generous amounts of chunky beef. The red chili comes in varying heat levels, from ‘X’ to ‘Xxx’, plus there are other versions like White Chili made with pork,” as the report states.

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