DALLAS (KDAF) — Hot sauce, it’s a condiment like no other that can not only bring incredible flavor to any dish you’re consuming but really bring the heat as well and there’s no shortage of insanely hot sauces out there.

Sunday, January 22 was National Hot Sauce Day! “Some people can’t live without hot sauce, made from chili peppers and other ingredients. Spicy sauce lovers will put it on everything from eggs to sandwiches to steak,” National Today said.

We checked out a report from Food & Wine on the most popular hot sauces across the country and Texas’ favorite will surprise you. While other states are into Original Louisiana, Texas Pete, Frank’s, and others, Huy Fong Sriracha is the top pick in a majority of the US, including Texas.

The report said, “Overall, the top ten hot sauces, in order, were Huy Fong Sriracha, Frank’s RedHot, Cholula, Burman’s, Tapatio, Tabasco, Texas Pete, Heinz, Louisiana, and Valentia. (Worth noting: These rankings are a shuffle from Instacart’s 2019 rankings which had Cholula first, followed by RedHot and Huy Fong.)”

If sriracha isn’t your thing, there are a plethora of hot sauces in the food world perfect for you, and here are the best spots around Dallas to find them, according to Yelp:

  • Figueroa Brothers
  • Beef Jerky Outlet – Northeast
  • The Spice & Tea Exchange
  • Pendery’s – Southside
  • The Kitschy Cupboard
  • Sugarless deLite – Richardson
  • La Michoacana Meat Market No. 4 – Lake Highlands
  • Mi Tierra Meat Market – Western Hills