DALLAS (KDAF) — The weather in North Texas may be nice right now, but sooner rather than later it’s going to take a cold turn ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend.

The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth reports a strong cold front is moving into the region on Thursday and will cause temperatures to plummet alongside strong winds from the north.

“Much colder temperatures arrive on Thursday as a cold front surges south across much of the US. The exact timing on the front is still somewhat uncertain. Regardless, the high temperature of the day for most will likely occur during the morning hours with temperatures falling sharply throughout the day.

“Peak wind gusts near 45 MPH are likely, and higher wind gusts cannot be ruled out. This will result in wind chill values in the single digits and teens,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

During the afternoon on Thursday, it will be blustery, and much colder and temps will be rapidly falling as a strong arctic front will progress throughout the region.

NWS Fort Worth reports, “A strong arctic front will be progressing into Central Texas by 2 pm Thursday. Gusty north or northwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph will coincide with temperatures plummeting into the 30s and 20s within an hour or two of frontal passage. This will result in wind chills rapidly falling into the teens and single digits! Be sure to wear layers and prepare for the frigid weather ahead!”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

The main thing to focus on if you’re outside is the dangerous wind chills expected to be around the region late in the week. Blustery winds will make conditions outside feel even more frigid.

“Dangerous wind chills in the teens to below zero are expected Thursday through Saturday in the wake of the strong Arctic cold front. Blustery winds around 20-30 mph with gusts around 40-45 mph coupled with sharply falling temperatures will make Thursday feel even colder.

“Highest gusts will occur in the morning and afternoon hours on Thursday. Breezy conditions will continue on Friday. Make sure to dress warmly, cover exposed skin, and to limit your time outdoors,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

North Texans need to be aware of the cold for more reasons than one, as pipes will be at risk due to this prolonged cold. The expected long duration of well below-freezing temps and windy conditions will damage exposed outdoor pipes.

The weather center says, “A long duration of well below freezing temperatures and windy conditions will damage exposed outdoor pipes and cause them to burst. Temperatures fall below freezing Thursday and will remain below freezing until Sunday (Christmas Eve) for most, with the exception of those across Central Texas.

“There is a small chance that temperatures remain below freezing everywhere through Sunday (Christmas Day). Cover outdoor pipes, and let indoor faucets drip. Locate your water shut-off valve and know how to turn it off, and don’t forget to turn off sprinklers!”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

We all know that Santa will be checking his list, and more than likely twice, NWS Fort Worth wants everyone in the region to be checking their list twice in order to get prepared for the cold.

“Make your list and check it twice! With significantly colder temperatures coming up late this week and Holiday weekend, make sure to remember the 4 P’s! Check up on friends and family, bring in those furry pets, bring in vulnerable plants, and cover outdoor pipes and drip faucets to protect them from damage,” the weather center said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas