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LUBBOCK, Texas — The great state of Texas is known for its vast landscapes, endearing charm and surprises like the unique town names that pepper its map. From Baby Head to Cut and Shoot, these names often carry hidden meanings and stories that are as big and bold as the state.

Let’s dive into a few Texas town names that might make you do a double-take.

Baby Head, Texas – Located in Llano County, this town name’s origin is as gruesome as it sounds. According to Atlas Obscura, after an Indian attack in the late 1800s, the head of a baby belonging to a slain settler was placed on a pole to scare off encroaching settlers. A mountain and creek claimed the same name later.

Bigfoot, Texas – While the mythical creature might not roam the streets, Bigfoot has its own unique story. The town’s namesake is William Alexander Anderson “Bigfoot” Wallace, a Texas Ranger in the 1800s, who stood at about six foot two and weighed around 240 pounds, according to the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA).

Frognot, Texas – The most popular tale about this town is that frogs would hop out of a creek, and boys would catch and bring them to school. From that point on, frogs were not allowed, and the name Frognot was born, according to an article by WFAA.

Uncertain, Texas – One thing is for sure in Uncertain — in it are haunts of wildlife and nature visitors can enjoy, according to its website. TSHA said the city was once known as Uncertain Landing because of the difficulty steamboat captains had in anchoring their vessels there. In the early 1900s, the site also included a hunting, fishing and boating society called the Uncertain Club, TSHA said.

Weeping Mary, Texas — This town near Cherokee County has a seemingly somber name. It is said to have been named for Mary Magdalene’s weeping at the tomb of Jesus, said TSHA. Another story, TSHA said, is that a Black woman named Mary wept from the devastating loss of her land to a White man.

Check out out these other Texas towns found to have spooky names and themes:

  • Birthright, Texas
  • Blowout, Texas
  • Cut and Shoot, Texas
  • Cuthand, Texas
  • Eulogy, Texas
  • Fog Town, Texas
  • Goodnight, Texas
  • Gun Barrel City, Texas
  • Gunsight, Texas
  • Hooks, Texas
  • Magic City, Texas
  • Montague, Texas
  • Nameless, Texas
  • Nimrod, Texas
  • Pumpkin, Texas
  • Pumpkin Center, Texas
  • Roach, Texas
  • Scissors, Texas

The next time you’re passing through the Lone Star State, don’t be surprised if you come across a town name that has a dark double-entendre lurking just beneath the surface.