DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to good food, even some of the best, Texas is no stranger to being a part of the conversation with the likes of California, New York and beyond.

Barbecue, Tex-Mex, and almost any cuisine from around the world can be found in the Lone Star State and Esquire recently released their report of America’s best new restaurants. Get your wallets, stomachs, and taste buds ready for the Texas spots that made the list.

Coming in at the No. 4 spot is Austin’s own Canje. Esquire said, “Ask chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph about cassareep—a key ingredient in luscious, wild- boar pepper pot, the national dish of his native Guyana—and he’ll tell you that the store-bought versions of the cassava-based black liquid weren’t cutting it. So he convinced a relative to fly over to Austin with cassareep on the regular.”

Next up from Texas on the list is Tatemo from the city of Houston and Esquire dubbed them, the tortilla master. “Everything at Tatemó is meant to keep the focus on the Chavezes’ beloved corn. The thirteen-seat space has all the charm of a waiting room. Fifty-five-pound sacks of corn from Mexico are stacked against the wall,” the report said.

And last but not least was Austin’s Birdie’s which is claimed to be a wine-lovers paradise. “A wine bar and restaurant owned by chef Tracy Malechek-Ezekiel and Arjav Ezekiel, Birdie’s is counter service, but don’t be put off by that–the business model allows for lower prices, a fairer wages for staff, and adds to the communal energy of the space,” the report said.