DALLAS (KDAF) — “Well what about second breakfast?”

If you love breakfast food (I mean who doesn’t?) you may not love living in these two Texas towns.

A report commissioned by has ranked 200 cities across the nation based on which cities were the best, and worst, cities for breakfast lovers; and two Texas towns ranked in the bottom 10.

According to the report, Brownsville (191) and Midland (198) are some of the worst cities for breakfast lovers.

Lawn Love officials looked at more than 16 metrics measuring a city’s breakfast friendliness, including its access to breakfast spots, the quality and popularity of its breakfast spots, Google search interest, and the number of breakfast clubs.

Making it in the top half of the list, Dallas ranked 82 out of 200. Fort Worth did even better, ranked 46 out of 200.

For the full report, visit Lawn Love.