DALLAS (KDAF) — Get the beads, drinks, costumes, and more ready to have a good time as Mardi Gras 2023 is coming up!

Now, we all know that the best place to celebrate Mardi Gras is in New Orleans, but there are some other cities, including multiple in the Lone Star State that will provide a good time for letting the good times roll.

Four Texas cities were ranked in the top 20 in the US for Mardi Gras by Lawn Love, “We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities by the number of Mardi Gras events, Cajun food vendors, costume stores, and community interest, among eight total metrics,” their report said.

Here’s where Texas cities ranked for 2023’s edition of Mardi Gras:

  • Houston – 5
  • Dallas – 11
  • San Antonio – 13
  • Austin – 17