DALLAS (KDAF) – New year comes with new financial goals and no matter who you are, it’s important to strive for financial stability.

We checked out a study conducted by Smart Asset about which cities in the US are best economically for Black Americans.

The study says, “Nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st century, Black Americans continue to face significant financial inequality. In 2021, the median income of Black households was almost $23,000 less than the median income of all households nationally, according to Census Bureau data. And the income gap between Black and white households was even greater, with white families outpacing their Black counterparts by more than $28,000 in the same year.”

When it comes to the Lone Star State, these cities fare the best for Black Americans economically:

  • Grand Prairie – 8
  • Mesquite – 14
  • Irving – 21
  • Arlington – 24
  • El Paso – 25
  • Garland – 31
  • Austin – 32
  • Killeen – 35
  • Fort Worth – 44

“Located between Dallas and Arlington in Texas, Grand Prairie has almost 200,000 people and the 15th-highest Black labor force participation rate (72.8%). Over 37% of Black adults here have a bachelor’s degree, which ranks ninth-highest out of 133 places in our study. Grand Prairie also has the 18th-highest median income for Black households ($62,923) across our study,” the study said.