DALLAS (KDAF) — Well, @#$%, it looks like a new study has found out what cities across the country swear the most, and, North Texas it’s not looking very peachy.

Certainly, some of the swearings can be blamed on the Dallas Cowboys winning or losing praising the team or tearing them down with curse words. Preply has found the cities that swear the most in the U.S.

“Most cultures consider the use of profanity inappropriate, yet people commonly employ profanity as a way to use expressive language. Also known as swearing, cursing, or cussing, using profane words can be intense, humorous, angry, or joyful, depending on the context,” the study says.

They surveyed over 1,500 residents of 30 major cities in the U.S. to find out who’s swearing the most. Texas, we’ve got a potty mouth.

  • Dallas is tied at No. 4 with at least 25 swears per day
  • Fort Worth is right behind them at No. 5 with at least 24 per day
  • And Longhorn country joins the party as Austin is ranked at No. 7 with 21 per day

So, if you’re wanting to slow down on the hardcore swearing, maybe check out these favorite substitutions to at least get the ball rolling:

  1. Fudge/fudgesicle
  2. Shoot
  3. Frick/frickin’
  4. Crap
  5. Dang
  6. Heck 
  7. Darn/darn it
  8. Holy cow
  9. Dang/dang it
  10. Freaking 
  11. Poop
  12. Fork
  13. Mother trucker
  14. Sugar
  15. Holy smokes