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DALLAS (KDAF) — We all know that cookies are obviously one of the most delicious treats on the planet and that the U.S. can make some great cookies but have you ever wondered what the greatest cookie exporters are?

We’ve got our Cookie Monster-themed thinking cap on today as Sunday, December 4 is National Cookie Day!

“National Cookie Day is December 4 so get ready to refill your cookie jar. Maybe you prefer your cookies to have a crunchy snap, or maybe you’d rather bite into soft and chewy sugary heaven. Either way, eating cookies brings us happiness, and we should all do it more often. Just don’t tell your doctor,” National Today said.

We checked out a report from Worlds Top Exports on the top cookie exporters in the world by country and some of the top spots may surprise you:

  1. Mexico: $940.8 million (10% of total exported cookies)
  2. Netherlands: $835.6 million (8.8%)
  3. Germany: $805.8 million (8.5%)
  4. Belgium: $614.7 million (6.5%)
  5. Canada: $441.4 million (4.7%)
  6. France: $394.6 million (4.2%)
  7. Italy: $381.2 million (4%)
  8. Poland: $376.7 million (4%)
  9. United Kingdom: $364.3 million (3.9%)
  10. Turkey: $359.2 million (3.8%)
  11. Spain: $333 million (3.5%)
  12. Indonesia: $302.4 million (3.2%)
  13. United States: $222.6 million (2.4%)
  14. Czech Republic: $215.9 million (2.3%)
  15. India: $200.6 million (2.1%)

The report said, “Worldwide, cookies exported by country totaled US$9.45 billion in 2021. That dollar amount reflects an average 17.6% increase for all international sellers of cookies over the five-year period starting in 2017 when total sweet biscuit exports were worth $8.03 billion.”

For a more in-depth look at this report, click here.