DALLAS (KDAF) — Friday, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day and if you own a dog, today is the perfect day to give them an extra treat.

Every dog and dog breed is beautiful and deserving of love; however, some people are more drawn to some dog breeds than others.

A new report from Hepper.com looks at the five most popular dog breeds in Texas. Does yours make the list?

“Texas may not be the leading state for the number of pet owners, but they aren’t the lowest either. Texas ranks 28th in pet ownership in the US. Of the 58.2% of pet-owning households in the state, 47% of those households own dogs,” the report states.

For their full report, visit Hepper.com.

Blue Lacy

Blue Nose Lacy dog and a blind Cocker Spaniel standing on a mountain with the National Grand Canyon in the background with a vivid blue sky.

Golden Retriever

Loyal Golden Retriever Dog Sitting on a Green Backyard Lawn, Looks at Camera. Top Quality Dog Breed Pedigree Specimen Shows it’s Smartness, Cuteness, and Noble Beauty. Colorful Portrait Shot

French Bulldog

Set of young puppy french bulldog playing and activity around the house both indoor and outdoor

Labrador Retriever

Smiling labrador dog playing in the public park

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog on the green grass