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DALLAS (KDAF) — “Hey, so what’s the story behind that pineapple tattoo on your thigh?” Every tattoo doesn’t necessarily have a story and not every story has a tattoo.

However, today, Friday, Sep. 16 we’re looking at tattoos with a story as it is National Tattoo Story Day! NationalToday says, “Tattoos are an ancient form of body art that has lasted long enough for us to take an interest in and practice it. Did you know that aside from the national day for celebrating the art of tattooing, July 17, National Tattoo Story Day has been observed annually since 2015 as a day dedicated to the stories behind our tattoos? Now you know!”

We checked out a report from Saved Tattoo about the best tattoo shops in Dallas where you can get inked up at. It says, “As a commercial and cultural hub of the region, Dallas has a lot to offer including a wide selection of tattoo shops. Indeed, tattoo shops in Dallas show how creative people of this city truly are. Through the ultimate guide below you’ll get to see the best tattoo shops in Dallas.”

Without further ado, here’s a look at the 12 best Dallas tattoo shops:

  1. Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company
  2. Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art
  3. Cat Tattoo Company
  4. Lone Star Tattoo
  5. Cedar Springs Tattoo
  6. Elm Street Tattoo
  7. Lamar Street Tattoo Club
  8. Dallas Tattoo
  9. Davis Street Tattoo
  10. Legacy Arts Tattoo Studio
  11. Stainless Studios
  12. Urban Tattoo & Piercing Studio