DALLAS (KDAF) — The great debate of desserts will never end between cake and pie, as lovers of both of these exquisite sweets are adamant theirs is the top pick.

However, Tuesday’s sweet talk will be surrounded around pie, because November 29 is National Lemon Cream Pie Day! “Although this time of year is more typically associated with pumpkin pie, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate any kind of pie—especially a pie that’s been around this long,” National Today said.

We wanted to make sure you can get the best of the best when it came to pies around DFW, so, we checked out a report from Thrillist on just where to buy the best pies.

The report said, “There’s never a bad time to appear at someone’s door with a pie in your outstretched hands. But doing so during the holidays will result in nods of approval and fewer questions about your motives. So, whether you’re attending a family affair, your annual Friendsgiving, or your boss’s holiday soiree, pie is the ultimate icebreaker. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from around town.”

They listed the very best pie shops around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for your sweet tooth’s pleasure:

  • Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery
  • Celebration Restaurant
  • The Joule
  • Emporium Pies
  • Haute Sweets Patisserie
  • Sweet J’s
  • Piefalootin
  • Humble: Simply Good Pies
  • Melisa The Pie Lady
  • Norma’s Cafe
  • Empire Baking Company
  • Sweet Lucy’s Pies
  • Stir Crazy Baked Goods
  • Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop