DALLAS (KDAF) — If you are new to North Texas, welcome. The DFW metroplex is home to great people and places.

The first order of business after moving to a new place is making sure that your new place is furnished and Dallas is home to some great furniture stores.

Not new to DFW? Maybe you’re considering upscaling your place, and we don’t blame you. There’s nothing more exciting than upscaling your place. Your home is your sanctuary and it should reflect who you are as a person.

Whoever you are, you’re here because you want a list of the best furniture stores in Dallas (as you read our headline). So here they are, according to StorageCafe:

  • Rooms To Go
  • Aelegant Furniture
  • The Interior dallas
  • Bt Furnishings
  • Buy 4 Less Furniture
  • Scott Cooner
  • J. Douglas Design
  • Weir’s Furniture
  • Again and Again
  • Anteks

For the full report, visit StorageCafe.