DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas, Texas is filled with so many of the world’s best, but maybe you don’t think the Big D is known for coffee, like the likes of Seattle or New York even.

Well, now that we’ve got your mind thinking, you need to put this to the test and go out to try Dallas coffee. We’ve got you covered, as we checked out a report from Coffee Affection on the best coffee shops in Dallas that you need to give a shot (of espresso that is).

The report said, “If there is a more quintessentially American city than Dallas, we’ve never heard of it. When most people think of Dallas, they think of a caricature of sorts, full of rodeos, barbecue, and wide-open spaces. Coffee, suffice it to say, is pretty far down on the list. Well, we’re here to tell you that Dallas coffee deserves a second look.”

These are the best coffee shops in Dallas according to the report:

  1. Fiction Coffee
  2. Houndstooth Coffee
  3. Cultivar Coffee Bar & Roaster
  4. Murray Street Coffee Shop
  5. Stupid Good Coffee
  6. Ascension Coffee
  7. White Rock Coffee
  8. LDU Coffee
  9. Hola Cafe
  10. Sip Stir Coffee House