DALLAS (KDAF) — People across the nation were on the move, many of which moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

And according to a new study from StorageCafe, Irving and Lewisville were the top two cities in America that renters were moving to the most.

“To this end, the analysts at StorageCafe looked into 3.4M rental applications from RentGrow from 2021, illustrating renter interest across 257 markets with populations of over 100,000,” the study said.

They used this information to determine each city’s ranking for net renter migration as a proportion of its population.

“Texas, and the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex in particular, strongly attracted incoming renters, just as they have been drawing in developers of storage and pretty much every other type of real estate,” the study went on to say.

What makes these cities so attractive to renters are their proximity to bigger cities, Dallas, the amount of property space and affordability. Dallas itself also made the top 20 cities for net migration in 2021, ranking in 17th place, along with Austin which ranked 18th. For the full report, visit StorageCafe.