DALLAS (KDAF) — Few foods are so synonymous with the aesthetic of a local fair quite as the corn dog.

This delicious food item is super simple. You take a hot dog, dip it in cornmeal, and then fry it. The result is a tasty and portable dish that is perfect for holding as you walk around the fairgrounds.

Today, we want to give a special shoutout and deep dive behind the official corn dog of the State Fair of Texas, Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs. Amber Fletcher, co-owner of Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs, let us into their iconic spot in the midway at the State Fair of Texas.

In 1938 brothers Neil and Carl Fletcher invented a brand-new food product they dubbed the “corny dog” right here in Dallas, TX and in 1942 it was introduced at the State fair of Texas.

For 80 years Fletcher’s has been a family-owned and operated business and their corny dog is the Fair’s undisputed number one best-selling food item selling over 500,000 throughout the Fair’s 24-day run.