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DALLAS (KDAF) — Halloween is a day away and the most popular Halloween candy in Texas may surprise you! released the state-by-state popular candy for each state. “Over the years, we’ve witnessed an array of candy champs and flops. That’s the thrill of sifting through objective data! Dive into our analysis, based on 16 years (2007-2022) of sales insights, especially those crucial months leading up to Halloween.”

Texas’ previous winner was Starburst with the Sour Patch Kids taking over as the number one most purchased candy in Texas.

Industry research shows that 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween. So it isn’t a surprise that 947,426 pounds of Sour Patch Kids will make its way into Texas homes during the spooky holiday. Overall, Sour Patch Kids comes in at #5 for most popular around the states.

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