DALLAS (KDAF) — What is needed for a good breakfast sandwich? Some like it simple, bread, eggs, bacon, cheese, and boom, you’re done. However, others want to add a special sauce, maybe a hot sauce, some vegetables, an avocado, and other fun additions to take the humble breakfast sandwich to new delicious heights.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and breakfast sandwiches are one of the best ways to get your morning food fix in. Love Food has released a report of the best breakfast sandwich in every state in the U.S.!

“Few food items can match the sandwich for convenience, versatility and, when done right, downright deliciousness. Throw in breakfast favorites like bacon, eggs, avocado, and hash browns and you have something that’s truly worth getting out of bed for,” the report says.

For the Lone Star State, look no further than Dallas’ own Crickles and Co. They’re serving up a mouth-watering spicy bacon ciabatta sandwich. “The breakfast sandwich you didn’t know you needed, the Spicy Bacon Ciabatta at Crickles and Co. takes thick bacon and fried eggs to the next level with sweet tomato jelly, sharp Cheddar, and jalapeño aioli that’s just the right amount of spicy.”

Over at this Dallas mainstay, diners can enjoy food, brews, and of course, sweet treats. Here’s what you can expect from the state-favorite, spicy bacon ciabatta: “Warm ciabatta bread, two fried medium eggs, applewood bacon, jalapeno aioli, house made tomato jam, sharp cheddar cheese. Served with cheesy garlic potatoes.”

The restaurant says, “Our recipes come from a combination of family traditions and classical French training (Chef Cristal). We offer healthy options, like the Trainers Omelette, but we also like to indulge. Chef Cristal loves waffles, so we are always offering unique waffle flavors that change with the season. Whether it’s to fuel up before/after physical activity or splurge on a cheat day, we have something for every occasion.”