DALLAS (KDAF) — This weekend, July 21-24, is when this year’s Asian Film Festival of Dallas takes place. The festival has been run for the past 15 years, giving hundreds of Asian filmmakers the chance to show off their creations.

There will be 16 feature films shown at this year’s festival (12 narrative features and four documentary films) as well as 11 short films.

You can purchase tickets to individual screenings for about $15 per ticket. To see a full schedule, click here.

The first film to kickoff the festival will be a showing of Too Cool to Kill, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. this Thursday, July 21.

The Official lineup is as follows:

  1. Too Cool to Kill
  2. The Witch 2: The Other One
  3. Small, Slow but Steady
  4. 7 Days
  5. A New Old Play
  6. Baby Assassins
  7. Dealing With Dad
  8. Erzulie
  9. Jalsaghar (The Music Room)
  10. Lonely Glory
  11. Preman
  12. Yellow Dragon’s Village
  13. Ascension
  14. Cat Daddies
  15. Dark Red Forest
  16. Singing in the Wilderness
  17. An Island Drifts
  18. Falafel
  19. Foster Fail
  20. The Han Flows
  21. I want to hear the word on the street
  22. The Man of the Terms of Service
  23. Misdelivered
  24. Nai Nai
  25. Secret Recipe
  26. Spider
  27. Veils

Since 2002, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas has been dedicated to celebrating and supporting emerging and established Asian and Asian-American filmmakers and sharing the rich diversity of Asian culture through cinema.

For more information, visit their website by clicking here.