DALLAS (KDAF) — The holidays are about to be here and loads of people around the country are gearing up to unbox their Christmas decorations as well as hitting all the shops to get some new pieces to their collections.

One of the best things about the holidays is the food and the exclusive flavors that come with them. Sweets are something that isn’t necessarily exclusive to the holiday season but goodness, it sure does sparkle during the end of the year.

Texas is the home to many of the best foods in the world, and one of the best ice cream brands the nation has ever seen, Blue Bell. Of course, it would be criminal for the creamery to not release some holiday flavors with the season looming oh-so-close.

Introducing, peppermint bark and Blue Bell says it’s a “Smooth mint ice cream loaded with luscious dark chocolate flavored chunks and tasty peppermint bark pieces.”

For a limited time lovers of Blue Bell and holiday-inspired ice cream flavors will be able to purchase peppermint bark ice cream in half gallons and pints. If that wasn’t enough, get your holiday sweet tooth fix in with eggnog ice cream and peppermint ice cream.